Telos 2023 Winter Retreat

Telos is Greek meaning “ultimate objective or aim.” We hope to meet in-person on a weekend early in the Winter semester for Telos 2023 but stay tuned for details. This is an opportunity to gather with grad students from across the tri-state area to seek how God gives our ultimate aim. Expect a time of experiencing God, rest, fun & games,¬†community, learning and reflection!

Here are what grad students have said about Telos in the past:

  • “Telos gives me affirmation that my work is good and meaningful.”
  • ” I really appreciated all the insight from the [faculty] panelists. I appreciated the younger panelists for relatability and I appreciated the more experienced members experience/wisdom.”
  • “I appreciated talking openly with other intelligent believers about theological/social issues and realized I wasn’t alone in my pursuits.”
  • “It was helpful to be with others and be able to decompress away from the city.”