Small Groups

We are working on our schedule for the Fall of 2019.  Please check back and/or email the leaders of the small groups.

And we are focused by not exclusive! So we want to explore the intersection of faith and a given field of study but anyone is welcome to any group.

Focus Time Place Contact
SWAG (Social Workers Approaching God) Thu 7:30pm (bi-weekly) Silver (1 WSN) room 216  Zoe <>
Law Wed 1pm Dag dorm basement James <>
Masters in Public Health Mon 1pm GCASL 491 Jordan <>
Humanities Fri 2pm (bi-weekly) Irving Farm on Thompson Jason <>
Sci Fai – Science & Faith Thu 8pm (Bi-weekly) GCASL 484 Trevor <>
International Small Group Mon 4:15pm TBD Zhongji <>
MBA – Business TBD TBD Trevor <>
Arts & Spirituality TBD TBD Trevor <>
Socratic Happy Hour
Muslim Christian Dialogue Tue 6:30pm (bi-weekly)   Lachlan <>
Medical and Dental

If you are interested in helping to start a new group, email Trevor Agatsuma <>.